Advice 1: How to get rid of bumps on the head

Surely everyone is familiar with the bumps on the head, especially at an early age. It may occur due to a blow to the head. But do not worry and worry about this, because there are many proven ways that will help you in the short term to reduce swelling and get rid of the hematoma.
How to get rid of bumps on the head
You will need
  • - cool gadgets,
  • Sol or the egg
  • - thyme,
  • - ointment from bruises,
  • - gauze,
  • - vegetable oil
  • - alcohol,
  • - iodine.
The first thing you need to take immediate action and remove the pain, if any. This requires the use of cold lotions, it can be soaked in cold water on a cloth or a piece of meat out of the freezer and wrapped in a towel. Change or turn over a lotion as it is heated. It will help to relieve pain and prevent the formation of hematoma.
You can now change tactics. A day after the moment of impact, use the heating of the place of injury. Warm compresses reduce swelling and edema, and thus the resorption of bumps. Would be great heated salt, egg or other special warming devices.
The thyme and other creeping thyme has a broad spectrum of therapeutic action, including healing. Apply to the bruised fresh leaves of this medicinal plant. There is a perception that thyme helps even restore memory if moisten it with broth head.
Use special medications that will help dissolve the bump on his head. For this you can use the following ointments: "Troxevasin" gel "Rescuer" cream "Gasparikova" and "Troxerutin". Any of these tools spread on the hematoma, the head will stop hurting, and after a few days the swelling will be over.
There is another effective folk method which will help to prevent the appearance of bumps on the head after impact. Take a cotton ball or piece of gauze, folded in several layers and carefully saturate with vegetable oil. Apply a lotion to the site of injury, and hold for 30 minutes, no less. As a result, the redness will come to naught, and a lump may not appear.
Take 100 ml of 96% medical alcohol and the same amount of iodine. All mix and lubricate this part of the lump twice a day – morning and evening. From injury soon will be over.
Useful advice
With severe headaches and dizziness after a blow, immediately contact your doctor.

Advice 2 : How to treat bump on his head

The appearance of bumps on the head can be caused by several reasons, which determine the nature of the treatment. To clarify the origin of the bumps on the head can be by visual inspection – traumatic lesions have a characteristic appearance. Other tumors should show the experts.
How to treat bump on his head
You will need
  • - ice
  • - Apple cider vinegar
  • - baking soda
  • Sol
Take immediate action if a bump on the head was the result of injury. Attach a container with ice or cold water soaked a piece of cloth on the injury site – this will help reduce pain and prevent the rapid development of the hematoma. Change the dressing as the warming, try to always keep the place of formation of the bumps in the cold.
Adjust tactics of care for the injury. Stale bruise to keep them warm – so the lump will resolve faster. To do this, change the ice packs on warm, warming. Use warm water, heated salt, warming devices, etc.
Use nontraditional methods to get rid of swelling. Alcohol tinctures of herbs good resolves bruising and soothe tissue. Bandage moistened with warm Apple cider vinegar a piece of gauze apply on the injury site until relieved.
Insect bites often leave thick bumps on the skin. Treat these bumps antihistamine formulations – gels, ointments, aerosols. Antiallergic drugs will relieve swelling and irritation of the tissues, a lump will gradually disappear. From folk remedies helps to remove seal soda and saline solutions, and lotions which need to be changed as often as possible.
Seek the advice of a specialist. If a bump on the head did not appear under the influence of external factors, it is necessary to undergo examination to identify the nature of the neoplasm. If the lump is a benign tumor not too worried, you can try to get rid of Wen traditional methods. Wens be surgical removal with the obligatory analysis of histological to identify the nature of the tumor. If the lump can be frustrating, grows, changes color, then you should investigate further.
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