What is it?

If the ball is painless, dense, it can be shifted by a slight distance, and the skin over it is not changed, it may be one of the benign tumors that do not carry a serious threat and often is nothing more than a cosmetic defect. Such tumors can be formed from connective (fibroid) or fatty (lipoma) tissue, they rarely zlokacestvennoe and cause pain most often only case that reaches a considerable size and begin to compress nerves and blood vessels.

The ball, located in the region of the joint and causing discomfort when touching it may be a ganglion cyst – cystic formation arising from damage to or inflammation of a joint. Capsule bulb thus filled with synovial fluid.

Elastic, rounded tumor could be a trichilemmal cyst – a cyst sebaceous glands. On the surface of the skin over the tumor is usually noticeable small dark spot – the excretory duct of the gland, due to obstruction of which the secret began to accumulate in the capsule.

If the skin above the surface of the ball are swollen, reddened, touching her causes pain, appeared education can be a inflamed lymph node or a boil. Lymphadenitis (inflammation of lymph nodes) are sometimes accompanied by fever, General malaise. Boil easily recognizable by the white or yellowish purulent the head, appearing a few days after the onset of the disease.

What to do?

Self-diagnosis is in most cases impossible – to determine what kind of ball appeared under the skin and what was the cause of its appearance, can only surgeon after internal inspection. Sometimes simple inspection is not enough – it is necessary to biopsy tissue tumors.

If the finished ball does not cause any pain or discomfort, and signs of inflammation are absent, the visit to the surgeon can be scheduled in a few days, however, pull a long time is not necessary. If there are symptoms of inflammation, the ball rapidly increasing in size, skin over it changes color, swells, you should see a doctor immediately.

Treatment usually requires surgical. Surgery for a small tumor size is usually uncomplicated and often does not even require the premises to a hospital.

Try to squeeze, open, or remove the ball alone is impossible in any case. Also before diagnosis is not necessary to heat the tumor, applying hot or cold compresses applied to the skin anti-inflammatory or any other ointment.