The causes of "extra neck"

"Buffalo hump" is a sign of imbalance in the body. The reasons for its occurrence are: traumatic damage to the vertebrae, fat deposition, hormonal disturbances, degenerative diseases, ankylosing spondylitis (deposition of calcium salts in the ligaments of the spine), infectious and inflammatory disease, menopause.

The causes of "extra neck" will depend on age. In 20-40 years it appears due to weakness of the neck muscles, and malposition of the 7th cervical vertebra. In result develop congestion accumulates excess fluid. The reasons for its formation at this age are hormonal disorders.

At the age of 40 years, "Buffalo hump" appears due to the decreasing estrogen level in the blood. Hormonal disturbances lead to changes in fat metabolism, redistribution of fiber. The consequence of the formation of nape is not only the deterioration of appearance. It leads to disruption of blood circulation, oxygen starvation of the brain, increased pressure, headaches.

How to get rid of the "extra neck"

When the "extra shoulder", which appeared due to improper position of a vertebra, are useful mineral and mud baths, manual massage, special gymnastics. Treatments relax muscles, improve circulation. Massage must be done regularly, 1 session should last at least 25 minutes. When hormonal disorders is necessary to undergo treatment from an endocrinologist.

Recommended active lifestyle, physical exercise (swimming, running). Food should include wheat, soy, sprouted beans contain phytoestrogens. Useful mud baths and contrast water. During water procedures should grind the back of the neck with a stiff brush in 10-15 minutes. After a shower to apply on the problem area emollient oil or baby lotion and again RUB the folds of fat.

To get rid of the "extra neck", perform special exercises. We recommend the following exercises. Take your original standing position, feet should width apart. Straighten your shoulders, pull them back, lift the chin.
Exercise # 1. Raise and lower shoulders. Repeat 30 times.
Exercise # 2. Slowly take the head tilts backward, forward and sideways. Repeat at least 30 times.
Exercise # 3. Follow the circular movements of shoulders forwards and backwards, at least 30 times.
Exercise # 4. Do Mahi hands in hand, at the same time as driving of the blade. Repeat the exercise at least 50 times.
Exercise # 5. Join hands behind back in "the castle". Slowly lift them up, feeling the tension in the upper back. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.