You will need
  • - rubber band;
  • - comb;
  • stud;
  • - hair net:
  • - a beautiful hair pin or comb.
To make the cone, you first need to collect hair in a bun. If you have a good ear, and you wear statement earrings, it is best to make the bumps on top. These hairstyles are very fond of gymnasts, and for good reason. The hair is not scattered even in case of very sharp movements, the hair always remains durable and beautiful. Comb hair well, safesite up and pull on the top band. In the 60 years of the ladies used a conventional pharmacy gum, but now you can easily pick up and gum in the soft "shell". It is much healthier for hair than drugstore.
Your further actions depend on the quality of the hair. If they are long and thick, it is better to braiding it. Spin braid around the elastic in a few places stabbing her with pins. Not very thick hair and can't braid. The tail in the same zamatyvaetsya around the elastic and stabs pins. If you have to move a lot, you can secure the hair lacquer or mesh. Mesh is also an excellent decorative element. If she is beautiful and suitable to the hair and your outfit, you need no flowers, no combs or barrettes.
The bump on top can be done another way. It's especially good if your hair is long enough but not too thick. Make the tail, fold it in half and stick the edge under the gum. Bump put on the net. Stud in this case is not necessary, hair and without them it will be very good to hold.
If you for some reason want to close your ears, you'd bump on the back of the head. Comb the hair parted in the middle, and then covering his ears, pull on the back of the head, as described in the first case. Weave braid, or leave the tail and then twist around the elastic, stabbing with pins. This hairstyle can be decorated with decorative ridge. He may be back over the lump, or side. Suitable flower, and a beautiful barrette.
Interesting hairstyle so, if you take in the tail just the front strands and behind the curls. Comb the hair to separate the front about half and collect in the tail, and then to the cone. Back cool the strands curl. Decorate this hairstyle with a tiara or a decorative comb.
Modern fashion can be different versions of these hairstyles. The lump may be in virtually any part of the head closer to the temple or over the ear. Hair comb without parting the hair, make the beam at the desired point, and then the knobs are exactly as already described. Hair turns frivolous and even somewhat rowdy, so all the other elements of your outfit should match the chosen style. Short skirt, colored socks, scarf with POM-poms correspond to such image.