As soon as you or your child is filled lump, apply something cold on it. Fit ice, the package is filled with snow, a pack of ravioli or even just a towel soaked in water. Compress keep long, a maximum of 10 minutes. The fact is that cold may trigger another problem - cold, then you will be concerned not only with injury, and runny nose.

Twice a day make iodine mesh on the bruised place - try not to overdo it, because you may receive a burn, then the skin will start to climb. In between, apply heparin ointment, which is worth a penny. You can buy it completely at any pharmacy.

After about two days the bumps will not be over. To use expensive ointments and creams, hoping for a miraculous and immediate effect pointless, they benefit from a couple of hoods on their heads are not better than proven over the years and cheap money, which was used by our grandmothers. If the lump does not resolve within a couple of weeks, go to the surgeon!