You will need
  • A few photos of three of four, learned materials for creative competition.
To begin, select a school that will do. You can choose multiple if they are in the same city, and you will have time to audition them. Search the Internet websites of these Universities, check with the admissions office phone number and confirm the exam schedule and the number of documents that will be required to pay for admission. It would do well to find a social networking group dedicated to the students, hang out there with the same as you.
Prepare materials for creative competition. It is best to start preparing for the year before admission. You have in Luggage should be around three fables (Krylov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Aesop, Lessing, Rudaki and etc.), three or four poems, a couple of excerpts from prose and many passages from the plays. If more good. Material pick up on their own (mostly from the curriculum, but do not neglect foreign classics). Generally, in the program notes for applicants often indicate the list of references. Works that you select must be on different subjects, different authors. Take what you know, what you like, what resonates in the soul.
With the passage of three creative rounds, try not to worry. Teachers begin to look to you only on the second or third stage. If you pass them – get ready for the test ear for music and stage movement (mostly – coordination, ability to perform light acrobatics). Don't panic if something you have does not work, do as much as you can, don't show your desperation.
Clothes for admission choose low-key, simple. Boys suit pants, shirts and sweaters. Girls can wear a dress or blouse with a skirt above the knee, the heel is better not great. For classes samodvizheniya prep sports suit – leggings, t-shirt, ballet shoes.
How to go for the theatrical Institute
After all the tests you will be essay or presentation, a contest for the interaction (creation of study on the course of execution of the task) and possibly an interview with the master. All these tests pass peacefully, chat with your "fellow prisoners", don't be afraid to interact or ask for help.
If still not having any luck to you – it may make sense to enroll in a vocational school or correspondence courses, which, unfortunately, is not in all Universities.