You will need
  • Imagination, courage, good speech, the ability to transform
Read books. Learn the basics of acting can be their own. To do this, purchase books on acting skills. Students of theater schools recommended to read Stanislavsky and Michael Chekhov. The book will teach you to listen to their feelings, develop imagination, give a number of useful recommendations. Watch movies, watch game of actors, think of how you would have played this role. Of course, the actor without practice anywhere, but books and movies are not a bad tutorial.
Self-reincarnation. Having studied the theory, move to practice. Choose monologues, fables, poetry and practice in front of a mirror, video camera, friends. Model the different images, situations, tone. Experiment. If you're shooting themselves on video, so you have a great opportunity to review your performance and work on the bugs. If act things out in front of your friends, then get rid of the fear of public speaking.
Professionals. If is very difficult to grasp the essence, sign up for theater courses in the theater or Studio. There you will work with qualified specialists who know a lot about this case. In addition to the reading program you will be doing a speech, stage movements, plasticity, vocals. In General, suitable for acting on all sides. To enroll and everyone can. It is only necessary to prepare the reading program and pay for classes. Theatre Studio courses are different from the fact that in addition to the learning process you can play in the play with their classmates. So take a plunge into acting with the head.
Aerobatics. Finally, learn acting skills in the walls of specialized schools. And nice, combine with pleasure, and at the same time, will receive a diploma of higher education. To do this, prepare the program, the necessary documents and go to the audition.