The most dangerous in terms of complications in the early postoperative period. That is why in the first week after surgery should pay attention to any change in their health status. Even if variations in health seem to be minor or natural, report them to your doctor so he can assess the gravity of the situation and if necessary take action.
If there are no contraindications, start to move on the second day after surgery. Even turns from side to side will have a positive impact on the bowels, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The movement should be careful, however, otherwise it most likely will not work because of the pain in the joint area. If the doctors are not allowed to independently change body position, perform breathing exercises. A few deep rhythmic breaths will saturate the body with oxygen, and it will definitely benefit him.
Great importance in the process of recovery is proper nutrition. In the first days after surgery, appetite is usually absent. However, to gang up on a meal is impossible, even if you are experiencing hunger. At first allowed only light food: chicken broth, rice or oatmeal broth. From drinks are allowed fruit drinks, fruit drinks, sweet tea and, of course, water. On the second day after surgery unless contraindicated the diet can be expanded at the expense of dairy products and cereals. In the following days you can gradually introduce vegetables, fish and meat. Well, if they are steamed.
To speed up recovery will help walk in the fresh air. If doctors have no fears for your condition to go out on the third day after surgery. Although it all depends on the severity of the operation. In some cases bed rest is necessary during the week and more, so walking will have to wait.
After surgery due to inadequate nutrition and the negative effects of drugs the body experiences a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. You can fill it with pharmaceutical drugs, but it is better to take balanced nutrient mixture. Find the right will help the doctor.