If a few months after surgery you have recurrent pain in the area of intervention, refer to the surgeon. Better to the one who performed the surgery. The doctor will establish the severity of adhesions and choose the method of treatment.
At small of the severity of prescribe conservative treatment. Thin collagen strands lend themselves well to resolving therapy. The doctor will prescribe a course of physiotherapy — electrophoresis with lydasum, enzyme therapy,laser or magnet therapy. Well help to restore mobility of the organs a massage and mud treatment. Observe all prescribed by your doctor.
In parallel with treatment of adhesions conduct prevention of inflammation, which stimulate the further development of adhesions. If the process occurred after operations in the pelvis, the cause of its progression can become urogenital infections or endometriosis. Be surveyed at the gynecologist, get tested for STDs. If you have discovered infectious agents, they undergo treatment in accordance with the assignments of the attending physician.
With moderate and severe adhesions conduct surgical treatment. Such rude bands do not respond well to conservative therapy. Their presence can provoke intestinal obstruction after operations on the abdominal cavity and infertility after surgery of the pelvis. In this case, check with your doctor method of treatment. As a rule, the elimination of adhesions is carried out laparoscopic surgery with transection of the strands with laser, electrocautery or with water under pressure. Prescribed in the postoperative period, the prevention of the recurrence of adhesions.