The main thing is to shield yourself from the horrors that can tell the roommates. If possible, it is better to leave the room during stories about unsuccessful operations and deaths. If you leave the chamber you can not - just don't listen to neighbors. Ask family members to bring the player and turn up the music.
Stories about the successful operations is what you need now. Ask loved ones to find on the Internet and print messages to patients who have experienced a similar surgery. Read about how passed remedial therapy that they felt during the operation. Be prepared that everything will be easy and without complications.
Look for the specialized medical literature with a description of the operation. After reading this text, it becomes clear that everything has been studied down to the smallest details. These transactions were made on hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of patients. And it ended successfully.
Imagine life after surgery. The disease is no longer an issue. The body stronger, gain strength, ready to new victories. Improving performance, family relationships are moving to a new level. All this is feasible, you just believe in yourself.
If before surgery jitters fails, ask the doctors a sedative. Night need a good sleep to be ready for surgery.
Ask doctors after surgery to put next to the bed mobile phone. As soon as anesthesia is gone, you can call loved ones and inform them about the successful outcome. Before the surgery, just think about how you are going to dial loved ones and delight them.
Without a moment's doubt that the operation is successful. The human body is not fully using its capabilities. Believe in what opens the inner reserves that will help to overcome the disease. Your recovery will go quickly, and the organism will remain healthy for many years.