Restore vitality with a balanced diet, which will include a menu full of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Forget for a while about diets. Try to observe a balanced diet and use only natural products. Include in the diet fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.
Raise your immunity with products that contain enough vitamin C. be Sure to eat proteins of animal origin. The most suitable product in this regard is the chicken. Also good fresh vegetables – beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, carrots. Better to use fresh, not frozen and not canned food.
Strengthen your immune system physical activity. Although you should be very careful. Load after surgery should be small and gradually increase. Consult with your doctor about after how long after surgery you can engage in physical labor. It is especially recommended to regularly walk in the fresh air.
If after surgery you feel weak, tired quickly, from time to time the temperature rises, this suggests that the body infection is present. In this case, need to Supplement the regime and good diet drugs that improve metabolism, multivitamin and immunomodulators.
Currently, the pharmacies can purchase a variety of effective treatments designed to restore and strengthen the immune system. But it is not recommended to self-medicate without the knowledge of the doctor. Safe natural remedies that can boost immunity, are Chinese Magnolia and ginseng extract. Also very useful the purple coneflower, which is part of many therapeutic drugs.