If the procedure is a laparoscopy performed to diagnose a disease, recovery requires medical support the body. It is sufficient compliance with the regime of sleep and rest, Hiking in the fresh air and the body will recover naturally. Also in such a situation there any restrictions in food or special diet.
If surgery was performed to remove the gallbladder, after the treatment, the dietitian individually selects the diet of the patient, to the postoperative adaptation of the body had minimal pain. Also in the first days after laparoscopy this complexity, it is recommended bed rest. It is necessary for a person to be away from the action of General anesthesia, and restored health after the surgery.
At such moments, as a rule, doctors monitor the person's condition by periodic inspections or connect round-the-clock monitoring that monitor the electrocardiogram. The patient in the first postoperative days are allowed only to lie and sit on the bed, and have a 3-4 day, it has the ability to move independently. Before and after laparoscopy ultrasound examinations of internal organs (ultrasound) involved in the operation. This is a mandatory procedure, which is controlled by the process of healing and recovery.
If the operation was carried out serious interventions, with the use of carbon dioxide (used during the laparoscopy to fill the patient's abdominal cavity to increase review and ease of use of the equipment during the operation) may be a strong pain syndrome. In some people, the pain occurs immediately after anesthesia or from equipment that is introduced to the flow of anesthesia into the trachea (the tube applies to the mucous membrane of the trachea and other air pathways). For several postoperative days in patients prescribed painkillers, we select individually by specialists.
To accelerate the recovery of the body after the surgery is necessary to refuse from drinking alcoholic beverages and Smoking for one month. From making hot tubs, swimming and baths should also be avoided. Allowed wash with warm water in the shower or carrying out wiping of the body. If the attending on the second day after surgery allow you to walk, does not mean that a valid exercise, because excessive fatigue can be reflected by the increase in abdominal pressure. Sex life is allowed only after two-three weeks, but it is necessary to protect the body and also not overexert.