Active recovery after the operation starts immediately after discharge from the hospital. Despite the fact that this period is not to move a lot, you need to perform certain types of exercises and keep the body in good shape. The first 1-2 weeks after returning home, should be 2-3 times a day to take short walks in the fresh air, preferably before meals. Walking to increase blood circulation, allowing the heart to establish itself, and the fresh air fills the body with oxygen. It is best to walk in the Park or the forest. The food in this period should be full of carbohydrates and fiber (vegetables, fruits, cereals and wholegrain bread). It is desirable to exclude from the menu foods containing cholesterol (animal oil origin, grease).
In the second week at home can begin to lift light objects in the left and right hand. Should limit weight up to 4-5 kg In the diet include lean red meat (beef) or chicken Breasts. Meat, and any iron-containing foods (apples, spinach) can help relieve the anemia that occurs after any surgical operation.
At the 3rd week post-operative rehabilitation, you can begin to do any household chores (cooking, cleaning), but not to make any sudden movements. Distance Hiking can be increased to 1 km, walking is still several times a day. If possible, you should reduce the amount of salt in the diet (you can substitute sauces), eat plenty of dried fruits. Raisins, dried apricots and prunes contain a lot of digestible iron.
At 4 weeks of recovery after discharge from the hospital already, you can gently lift the weight up to 7 kg, to walk, to drive a car. Almost all of the domestic work performed independently, improves blood flow and helps in the rehabilitation of the body. You should be careful only with the sharp flexion of the body.
The sternum is completely healed in the 5-6 week home rehabilitation. From this period it is possible to increase the load on the body. The ideal types of physical activity will be slow steady swimming in the pool, classes are not intense yoga, walking. You can start not very strong. Preferences diet it is better to leave the same with the permission of the doctor you can take vitamins.
With 2 months to 2 years after heart surgery you need to gradually gain the load on the body. Best of all, in this respect, fit yoga, swimming, aerobics, Cycling. You should not load the heart with the sports associated with heavy weights (weightlifting, powerlifting, etc.). Alcohol and Smoking should be prohibited at least until the end of the recovery period. For the best rehabilitation after heart surgery is best suited for the diet of low-fat food containing a large amount of fruits and fresh vegetables.