You will need
  • - consultation of psychologist;
  • - antidepressants;
  • - support of loved ones;
  • - proper diet;
  • - rest.
Most often postoperative depression occurs because of psychological problems. After all, people can be difficult to accept the new changes in yourself and in your body. In addition, any surgery is a stress for the body and the human psyche. To cope with severe stress will help only qualified psychologists. It is very important to find a therapist who people trusted and felt comfortable around him.
Usually missing a few therapy sessions to people recovering from stress. If consultation of the psychologist is not enough and the man after surgery could not recover from the psychological stress, additionally appointed reception of antidepressants. Doctors individually selected drugs and their dosage. Today there are many antidepressants that effectively deal with depressive States of any complexity without any consequences for human health. But do not forget that the abuse of such drugs can lead to serious problems.
Under any stress and depression very important help and support of loved ones. Thanks to her, a sick man will feel confident and comfortable in all conditions. The more attention and care will be people close to the person undergoing surgery, the better.
Postoperative depression can be caused by many factors, including the lack of vitamins. For example, when the lack of b vitamins In people sinking into depression, which is accompanied by various symptoms: weakness, irritability, tearfulness, skin problems and the like. You need to consider the fact that after surgery the body is exhausted and probably needs additional source of vitamins. And vitamins quickly consumed in the body under severe stress. It is therefore very important to eat right. The human diet undergoing surgical intervention should be complete and balanced. You can also take vitamin complex.
After the surgery needs to recover not only the body but also the nervous system. This will need proper rest. After surgery contraindicated physical and psychological stress. Therefore it is necessary to protect themselves from work, unnecessary travel and stress. Optional all day sleeping to recover from post-operative depression. It is enough to restart itself, household chores, work, and various problems. A relaxing stay in a circle of close friends will benefit and speed up the recovery.