The operated person should eat foods that have a more gentle effect on the intestines. To eat often, up to 6 times a day, small portions. Should be abandoned at this time from the hard and coarse foods that leads to flatulence and fermentation in the intestines, and to give preference to liquid, semi-liquid and gelatinous dishes: jelly, broth, rice, low-fat meat broth, tea from rose hips.

In the first days after the removal of the inflamed Appendix is allowed to consume only fresh yogurt and water. A special diet is recommended to observe for two weeks after surgery. Should be excluded from the diet foods that cause bloating and flatulence: fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, carbonated water, nuts, legumes, brown bread. These diet restrictions required to maximize the recovery of the intestine after surgery because the gas buildup can damage the seam.

The existing tendency to constipation must be a special way to adjust the diet. In the postoperative period constipation arise almost always, so you should choose products that contribute to a comfortable bowel movement. These include liquid porridge, steamed vegetables, jellies, dairy products.

Physical activity

The man who had undergone appendectomy necessary physical rest. After only 8 h after operation of the patient lift. When lifting from the bed as a support, you can use a normal cushion that will allow to ease the pain. Moderate physical activity such as walking, improves the healing of joints and restoration of the whole organism. Recommended long walks in the fresh air. During laughter, coughing or sneezing should be held in the stomach with your hand so that the seams are not separated.

During the first 2 months after surgery is prohibited the lifting, weighing more than 2 kg after 4 months, this restriction is removed and allowed to lift the load up to 5 kg.

In the first 2 weeks is recommended to completely eliminate sex life, and you should continue to be sexually active, not very active and be mindful of the seams. Fitness and other sports should be postponed for a few months.

Hygiene after removal of appendicitis

Within 2 weeks Smoking hot bath and other water procedures. Patient can take only a warm shower, after which every time you want to handle the seam with antiseptic agents. 2 months after surgery is recommended to apply to the skin protivoluchevye cream for pain and quick healing of the scar.