The first few days after surgery can not eat, in some cases, fasting should be during the week. But you can drink broth, eat dairy products and juices. As soon as you allow it, do not give up no broth, no dairy products. It is very important something to eat, or the appetite will leave you for a long time.
When in the diet it will be possible to introduce other foods: soups, mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables, eat small meals, even if you do not want. During this period, and there is a big loss in weight. If the food does not attract you with its taste, add your favorite spices, of course, if the operation was not on the digestive organs.
To return the appetite vitamins. Talk with your doctor about it. Good returns appetite vitamin C. Take 500 mg per day. Eat citrus fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. not only will This contribute to increased appetite, but also rapid recovery of the body.
When there can be absolutely everything, try every day to eat meat, seafood, mushrooms and beans. These foods are rich in protein, which is necessary for weight gain. Eat at least 3 times a day, and better than 5, but in small portions. Morning start with a sandwich with butter and red caviar. If you do not eat Breakfast, the desire to eat in the day may not appear at all.
So food is better digested, drink treatment, improves digestion. Thanks to them, the hunger will appear quickly. Do not interfere, and the preparations containing bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. They improve the absorption of nutrients from the intestines due to the restoration of microflora.
In pharmacy protein and protein shakes that promote weight gain. Buy any that you like. But carefully study the composition, there should not be any hormonal methods, otherwise you'll only hurt the body. Gradually, the weight will come back to normal, and you will feel much better.