Pass the rehabilitation period under the scrutiny of the attending physician. Tell him everything that is bothering you. After radiotherapy you will be prescribed a special medication to be taken in a particular schema – this will tell you a specialist.
Engage in light physical activity – this will help to restore the body's defenses. Of course, not necessary to run enough, and just walking in the fresh air. The first 4-6 weeks after exposure a person feels General weakness and constant desire to lie down, but the body does not need to give to stagnate.
Drink at least 3 liters of fluid per day. This can be both ordinary and mineral water and natural juices, compotes and fruit drinks. Do not drink sweet drinks – they do not contain useful components.
Ditch unhealthy habits. It is important that the body received less toxins. Some patients to improve appetite is recommended to drink 200 ml beer or 100 ml of red wine – it's only after consultation with your doctor.
Stick to a balanced diet. The recommended ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates 1:1:4. Completely eliminate from the diet of sausages, smoked products and other harmful Goodies. Eat only natural foods that at least taste additives.
Wear loose clothing to place of exposure not rubbed material. Do not use any cosmetics, if you were not recommended by the doctor. Avoid skin contact with direct sunlight, be sure to cover the affected areas of the body.
Regularly screened at the hospital. And if you're concerned about pain, a worsened condition or have a fever, make an unscheduled visit to the doctor.