Make a business plan. Typically, a business plan is investor. But even opening a small business and relying on existing capital, it is necessary to allocate the purpose and structure of the upcoming enterprises to match them with the funds necessary to invest, expected income and expected payback period.
Apply for state registration of entrepreneurial activities. There are a few options - LLC (limited liability company), sole proprietorship (individual entrepreneur), SPD (business entity), PE (private enterprise) - each of which has its own characteristics. So, registration is required to contribute share capital in the amount of 100 minimum wages, SPD can only be registered at the place of residence, and PE - at the location of the enterprise. In this form of CHP is convenient because subject to tax at the "single tax" not exceeding UAH 200. per month. At this stage you become on the account in the pension Fund, tax and commercial inspections and open a Bank account.
Select the location of the stall. Point of sale dictated by the specifics of your business: location is the best point of selling everyday products in one place with a large daily throughput. It's busy streets, a bus stop, a densely populated districts of the city. Found a trading place it is necessary to draw up a lease if this lease or the right to property - if you redeem the structure.
After registration of documents for land and structure you must obtain permission for its activities (license to trade), which is issued by local authorities, and the conclusion of firefighters and SES.
Determine the range and place of purchase product, visit several wholesale depots and compare products and prices. Please remember that Ukraine has to trade in certain goods, such as tobacco and alcohol, is required to take separate permission in the License chamber.
At the final stage before opening your points you have to search for workers, driver, porters and sellers.