By registering as an individual entrepreneur, start to look for a suitable place to put the stalls. It is desirable to exclude the presence of other nearby stalls selling similar products. Make yourself comfortable in a place with large concentrations of people and high permeability, for example, at a stop of public transport. Next, you need to contact the sales Department of the district Council on whose territory will be your tent, for registration of securities on rent. You will need a cash register, drinks fridge and at least the minimum amenities to the seller (a chair, a heater in the cold season, the fan in the summer, etc.).
The most popular range of products – cigarettes, beer, soft drinks, energy gum, chips, nuts, etc. the List of goods must be previously agreed with the regional government and the state, and to obtain the appropriate trade licenses. Can be bought on the wholesale bases. If you do not have a private place to store products, orders to do with the frequency determined by the demand for the commodity and its consumption.
The number of sellers of the tent depends on the trade regime. Work schedule can be a day, two by two or a day after two if the trade does not stop at night. To find the staff most effectively through ads, especially when placing in the window of the tent. The most valuable quality of the seller of a stall – honesty. Even if at first glance a person inspires confidence in you, it will be useful to check on the cleanliness, to avoid further problems with the shortage.