You will need
  • metal pipe;
  • - galvanized sheet;
  • - DSP;
  • - polystyrene;
  • - other construction materials in your usmotrenie.
The easiest and cheapest stall – welded frame. For its construction you first need to install the frame. The best material to provide a metal pipe, because the other materials (steel channel, profile) will not provide your stall desired strength.
Now, notice at the bottom of the frame, it will be three-layered. It should be lined with any moisture-proof material: galvanized sheet or rubemast. This is necessary to protect the interior from the harmful effects of moisture. The next layer is chipboard, and the third layer is a coating of your choice.
Then the finished frame should sheathe. For plating, you can use galvanized sheet metal. It can also be used as a material for roofing.
For furnish of internal premises it is best to use chipboard. Insulation material for the kiosk serves as polystyrene or mineral insulation – it will protect from moisture and cold.
The door of the kiosk should also have a thin layer of insulation to avoid draughts.
Showcase kiosk can be made of double glazing. Make sure you close the metal shutters. This way you will protect your kiosk from unexpected guests.
Now that the booth is done, the most important thing is to conduct electricity, install sockets, switches.