You will need
  • - permission from local authority and contract for the lease of land;
  • - set of trade equipment;
  • one or two removable implementer;
  • - business relations with several manufacturers of baking.
Apply for the location of the point of sales of fresh baked goods in the trading Department of the local administration. In large cities, the administration allocates between the entrepreneurs of the place in which they have the right to arrange the item of hot food. In that place, which eventually will be allocated for your purposes, you can rent a few square meters of land.
Purchase equipment for point of sale baking – cart, umbrella, container for garbage. In addition, purchase the party supplies – napkins and plastic bags. You will also need to solve the issue of garbage collection – at the request of the CPS it needs to establish the owner for each location.
Agree with several producers on daily deliveries of pastries, try as much as possible to expand its product range. In addition to pies with potatoes and cabbage you should be presented with several types of sweet pies, tarts, sausage rolls. Find also a "spare" options with the purchase of baking in case a regular supplier for any reason will not be able to supply you with goods.
Find one or two distributors for the point of bake sales, thus develop a scheme of payment for their work, which will appear as a fixed part and a percentage of sales. While you will have only one trading point, loader and driver for hire is not advisable, and their functions will need to carry yourself.