You will need
  • package registration and licensing documents;
  • - land area;
  • - contractors and building materials;
  • - business plan;
  • - advertising for tenants.
To open a market first need to obtain a certificate of registration in tax inspection. You can become a sole proprietor or form a legal entity.
Next, you need to purchase or lease the land. It needs to be in the city. Preferably in a crowded place. To the site needs to be easy access, summed up the necessary communications.
Develop a business plan market. Calculate investments, profit, payback period. In the future, the business plan can be used the case of the Bank loan.
Next, you need to make the project market and to obtain a construction permit.
The market area should be smooth. If the area will not be permanent structures, the area must be paved. Otherwise, the asphalt (or paving slabs) is placed after their construction.
On the prepared area of the house shopping facilities are also stalls and shopping stalls. It is desirable that in the market there was a covered part for the food trade. This may be building on the canadian or frame technology. Make sure that in your market there was also a small warehouse.
Make sure the fence and install the van for protection, and for a guard dog – box.
Install necessary fire-fighting equipment, follow the requirements of the SES (the consumer area, control scales, etc.)
All trade space number, and can start their lease. To do this, develop a model contract and place relevant ads on free trade areas.