Advice 1: Is it profitable to trade

Trade is one of the pillars of the economy and the most popular activities in the private sector. To the beginners it is often difficult to decide what to sell in order to gain maximum profit without risk.
Is it profitable to trade
There are a huge number of positions and directions in which to develop the sales network. Some of them are attractive large turnover, the other – a high interest margin, third – time profit, the fourth is the relative stability. Many sellers brings the desire to maximize profit without taking into account other important factors. Meanwhile, you need to take into account not only the figures of net profits from sales, but also the storage requirements of product, customer demand, seasonality. In addition, much depends on starting capital which you can spend on the purchase of the first shipments.

What is the store open?

You don't always need to chase the high margins. For example, in trade networks that implement the food, the margin on retail rarely exceed 10%, however, due to the fact that the products are always well-bought, even such a margin is quite profitable. Of course, planning food, we must not forget that it is perishable goods are sensitive to storage conditions. Therefore, you should take care of warehouse and time to get rid of excess goods in the warehouse. To some extent this also applies to household products, although the storage time is much longer.
Hygiene products and household chemicals also are products that are always in demand, but the competition in this field is very high.

Unlike food, clothing and shoes provide the seller higher profits thanks to the possibility of significant (up to 200%) margin, relative to the purchase price. Here, too, is to focus on the average buyer, because the elite brand of clothing though, and provide more disposable income, but are much more difficult. Besides start-up capital required for the purchase of clothing in the medium price segment in the right range, much less than if you work with a premium segment. An advantage of garment trade, is the lack of expiration dates, however, have to pay for it seasonality. Special attention should be paid to children's things to sell them profitably, while buyers will come again and again, as their children grow.

As for the low one-time profit, you should not be afraid of it, if your product is fairly popular, buying in large volumes. For example, a package in the supermarket are rarely worth more than one or two rubles, but given that the wholesale price does not exceed 20 cents, it turns out that the margin amounts to thousands of percent. The main thing – to provide the necessary demand.
Keep in mind that certain types of activities subject to mandatory licensing. In addition, you may need certificates for a particular product.

Looking for the best options

In General, if there is sufficient consumer interest, you can find a lot of "compromise" categories of goods, the cost of which is five to ten times lower than the purchase price, and thus do not need to sell several thousand units to provide an acceptable income. In this respect, the ideal consumers are the children. Even a small outlet near the circus or an amusement Park can bring huge profit. You can sell cheap Chinese toys, cotton candy or popcorn. For example, the cost of a medium Cup of popcorn 4-5 rubles (3 rubles is, in fact, a paper Cup) and sale price – about 50 rubles.

Advice 2 : How to make a kiosk

Most aspiring entrepreneurs who want to open a business, start small business. They are looking for the easiest option, with minimal investment of their own capital. One of these ideas is opening a kiosk for the sale of goods. .
How to make a kiosk
Goods can be sold very different, and it is possible to specialize in any one product, for example, colors. It is necessary to determine at an early stage - the planning stage. First of all, analyze the area which is leased under the lease in your city in the format of the kiosks and stalls. Looking for the cheapest deals in order to minimize their costs for rental. Once you will find the most optimal option with minimum stalls nearby, proceed to the selection of trade industry.
Analyze nearby shops, stalls and kiosks. Find out what they sold and what kinds of goods from the consumer basket to get within five hundred meters from your stall. Your goal is to select the group of products for which the buyer is guaranteed to come to you and open a stall on this basis.
Work out the schemes of delivery and storage of goods. Calculate staff salaries. Make a full-fledged business plan, to clearly see how much money you'll need in order to open and for what period of time your stall will be repaid. Consider raising additional financing in the form of loans, credits, and capital partners.
After opening the stall, make sure that it hung bright large shield with the inscription "We are open!". This is the cheapest advertising that you can afford for the first time. Regardless of what you sell, it is guaranteed you will attract customers.

Advice 3 : How to open your own stalls

Many people want to have albeit small, but own business. Often such an endeavour over time grows into a large business, as you gain experience in the commercial sector. Opening their stalls – the best option in order to test their entrepreneurial skills.
How to open your own stalls
By registering as an individual entrepreneur, start to look for a suitable place to put the stalls. It is desirable to exclude the presence of other nearby stalls selling similar products. Make yourself comfortable in a place with large concentrations of people and high permeability, for example, at a stop of public transport. Next, you need to contact the sales Department of the district Council on whose territory will be your tent, for registration of securities on rent. You will need a cash register, drinks fridge and at least the minimum amenities to the seller (a chair, a heater in the cold season, the fan in the summer, etc.).
The most popular range of products – cigarettes, beer, soft drinks, energy gum, chips, nuts, etc. the List of goods must be previously agreed with the regional government and the state, and to obtain the appropriate trade licenses. Can be bought on the wholesale bases. If you do not have a private place to store products, orders to do with the frequency determined by the demand for the commodity and its consumption.
The number of sellers of the tent depends on the trade regime. Work schedule can be a day, two by two or a day after two if the trade does not stop at night. To find the staff most effectively through ads, especially when placing in the window of the tent. The most valuable quality of the seller of a stall – honesty. Even if at first glance a person inspires confidence in you, it will be useful to check on the cleanliness, to avoid further problems with the shortage.
Useful advice
If you don't have at least a basic knowledge of accounting, it is worth hiring an accountant or to undergo special courses on self-reporting of private enterprise.

Advice 4 : How to make stall

Starting a business, everyone wants to save money, and it is quite reasonable. One of the ways to save when opening the kiosk is a self-built room. To make myself a stall, you need to know some points.
How to make stall
You will need
  • metal pipe;
  • - galvanized sheet;
  • - DSP;
  • - polystyrene;
  • - other construction materials in your usmotrenie.
The easiest and cheapest stall – welded frame. For its construction you first need to install the frame. The best material to provide a metal pipe, because the other materials (steel channel, profile) will not provide your stall desired strength.
Now, notice at the bottom of the frame, it will be three-layered. It should be lined with any moisture-proof material: galvanized sheet or rubemast. This is necessary to protect the interior from the harmful effects of moisture. The next layer is chipboard, and the third layer is a coating of your choice.
Then the finished frame should sheathe. For plating, you can use galvanized sheet metal. It can also be used as a material for roofing.
For furnish of internal premises it is best to use chipboard. Insulation material for the kiosk serves as polystyrene or mineral insulation – it will protect from moisture and cold.
The door of the kiosk should also have a thin layer of insulation to avoid draughts.
Showcase kiosk can be made of double glazing. Make sure you close the metal shutters. This way you will protect your kiosk from unexpected guests.
Now that the booth is done, the most important thing is to conduct electricity, install sockets, switches.
To install the kiosk needs some distance from the ground to isbit moisture and freezing. For this approach the concrete blocks or a small brick Foundation.
Useful advice
The kiosk can bind not only galvanized steel sheet, but also panels made of PVC (lining). Both materials possess durability and strength.

As floor coverings you can use corrugated aluminum sheet or linoleum.

Corrugated sheet is a durable material, resistant to all kinds of influences, hi-tech.

Linoleum is unbonded and base. The first option has good moisture resistance and low price. Linoleum on the basis of more expensive, but at the same time much stronger.

Advice 5 : How to profitably trade clothing

The entrepreneur engaged in trade, and dreams that his product was not stale on the shelves, and quickly found the demand. But during the crisis the financial situation of the population deteriorates. Accordingly, people are less likely to make purchases of commodities. It would seem that those businesses which trade clothes, do not worry about this: they say, the crisis of crisis, and any person should every day not only something there, but something to suit. However, the changed conditions cause them to be especially cautious in deciding what kind of clothes is beneficial to trade, and which almost certainly will not find demand.
How to profitably trade clothing
Nearing the summer season. What clothes should trade, so she quickly found a demand and brought the businessman a profit? Take a look at this question from the point of view of basic common sense. What kind of clothes people will surely buy, even when their financial situation noticeably deteriorated? Of course, first of all – inexpensive. But the word "cheap" in no case should not be synonymous with such words as "bad", "outdated", etc. That is, if the businessman will focus on cheap summer clothes – lightweight pants, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, blouses, light jackets-windbreakers - and clothing is quite acceptable quality, his product will almost certainly be quickly bought up.
For reliability, you should offer customers the same range as last season, of course, subject to the requirements of fashion, and if last summer, the product was quickly sold out.
As for expensive, the more exclusive, clothing – during the crisis the demand for it drops sharply, it is inevitable. Therefore, the share of such product in the range should be minimized or even abandoned for some time before sustained improvement of the financial situation.
And what about children's clothes? On the one hand loving parents in any case will not leave her baby without the necessary things, especially considering that in the summer the kids spend a lot of time on the street. On the other hand in a period of crisis as never just sad saying: "Not to fat – to be I would live!". Practice shows that during the crisis parents are much more willing to accept a gift of worn, but still good baby clothes from relatives, friends and acquaintances who have kids older than will go to the store for purchase. Therefore, to focus on the children's range is simply risky. Of course, it is not necessary to completely abandon children's clothing, but its share your shop should not exceed 10-15 % of the total.

Advice 6 : How to start trading in the market

Start trading on the market today is not difficult. You only need to decide for yourself which item or product to sell. This, of course, you have to walk through the market — the territory of your future work and to conduct a study on the subject of supply and demand. So you can determine what kind of niche is crowded, but what else can login without any risk. Then proceed to the main action that must be taken prior to trading place on the market.
How to start trading in the market
Go to the administrator of the market and let them know that you intend to open trade in such goods. Find out if there is free trade space and what is the cost of rent. The administrator will acquaint you with the rules of trade in this market and indicate the preliminary location of your retail outlet. Inspect the area for its future work, get to know your neighbors.
Next, go to the tax office. Contact the consultant. He will explain what documents you need to prepare, will give the forms that need to be filled. Following his instructions, you complete your individual enterprise. You can also find detailed instructions on the Internet. Please read them, then print the forms, complete them, and with ready documents go to a specialist tax office. Despite the simplicity, the procedure will take some time.
With a package of ready-made documents that allow the trade, go to the administrator of the market and hand them to him. Maybe he'll charge you extra reference. Do not argue with him, you'd better follow its requirements. Thereby you provide yourself a quiet work in the future, and at the same time good relations with the authorities.
Now your main task – to find and negotiate with reliable supplier (or several suppliers). Whether it's Russian wholesale warehouse, farm, shop online or abroad – you decide. Most likely, you have to design in the tax office had some idea of who will buy the product. Perhaps you called the coordinates of the reliable providers those who have long traded on the market and knows all the details of this case. Now it's time to formalize the relationship with these suppliers. Take this procedure very seriously, because the quality of the product depends on your future income. At the same time take care of warehouse, if necessary, arrange rental and purchase. Make a purchase the first batch of goods.
After receiving the goods, if possible and easy to put on the shelves (shelves, racks), and start trading.
Be prepared for periodic inspections. You can check the tax, fire, immigration services, and representatives of Sanitary and epidemiological Inspectorate and other agencies. Do not be nervous, do not panic and do not Express discontent. It's their job. If you have everything in order (documents, accounting, etc.), you don't need to worry. Just take these checks as a given.
Useful advice
If your work goes well, over time, it is advisable to hire one more point, and then some. More points = more profit. Of course, the troubles will increase, it will have to look for a hired sellers and, possibly, a bookkeeper. But it is worth it. Be resolute.

Advice 7 : How to open a kiosk with ice cream

You decided to open your own business? Find the right niche in which few competitors. Selling ice cream is a great summer business idea. Attachments need quite a bit. You will also need hard work and luck. With this approach, success is guaranteed!
How to open a kiosk with ice cream

You need to start a business

Selling ice cream can be an excellent option the family business. If you have no business experience, start with the basics. Open the stall. You need to collect all the documents and issue the IP. Be sure to allocate funds for the purchase of the freezer. Want to save money? Then don't buy a new freezer. To start fit and has worked Assembly. You'll need and the kiosk.

The beginners can be advised to enter into a contract with the manufacturer of ice cream. You will sell products of only one brand. And ice cream maker will give you the equipment to rent. Check with the authorities the location of the kiosk. Will receive a permit for retail sale of sanitary and epidemiological stations. The permit must be issued for food products group. Note that the seller should be sure to have a sanitary book.

How to make a business successful

Very much depends on the place, where there will be a kiosk. Selling ice cream is good around children's attractions, on public transport. You can put a stall in the market, in the Park, at the intersection of streets with heavy traffic. Think about the range. Best of all, if your kiosk will be sold at least fifteen or twenty types of ice cream. This range will satisfy the demand of customers of any age.

The opening of the kiosk has several advantages. Comparing the cost of renting space for the kiosk with the rental of space in the store, you will see that the first option will cost you much cheaper. If you place a kiosk in a busy location failed, use ads to attract attention. All the cost of opening a kiosk will pay for itself very quickly.

Very well, if you have start-up capital for rent. Must have money on the first paycheck of the sellers, for the purchase of the freezer and the first batch of goods. First you can successfully trade yourself. Then he should hire some sellers. They will work in shifts. Conduct regular stocktaking. Revenue take alone or put the safe in a nearby store. The seller will daily add to his revenue. The collector will pick up the money once a week.

Delivery better implement on your own car. When you have multiple kiosks that will charge the right shipping companies.
Is the advice useful?