There are a huge number of positions and directions in which to develop the sales network. Some of them are attractive large turnover, the other – a high interest margin, third – time profit, the fourth is the relative stability. Many sellers brings the desire to maximize profit without taking into account other important factors. Meanwhile, you need to take into account not only the figures of net profits from sales, but also the storage requirements of product, customer demand, seasonality. In addition, much depends on starting capital which you can spend on the purchase of the first shipments.

What is the store open?

You don't always need to chase the high margins. For example, in trade networks that implement the food, the margin on retail rarely exceed 10%, however, due to the fact that the products are always well-bought, even such a margin is quite profitable. Of course, planning food, we must not forget that it is perishable goods are sensitive to storage conditions. Therefore, you should take care of warehouse and time to get rid of excess goods in the warehouse. To some extent this also applies to household products, although the storage time is much longer.
Hygiene products and household chemicals also are products that are always in demand, but the competition in this field is very high.

Unlike food, clothing and shoes provide the seller higher profits thanks to the possibility of significant (up to 200%) margin, relative to the purchase price. Here, too, is to focus on the average buyer, because the elite brand of clothing though, and provide more disposable income, but are much more difficult. Besides start-up capital required for the purchase of clothing in the medium price segment in the right range, much less than if you work with a premium segment. An advantage of garment trade, is the lack of expiration dates, however, have to pay for it seasonality. Special attention should be paid to children's things to sell them profitably, while buyers will come again and again, as their children grow.

As for the low one-time profit, you should not be afraid of it, if your product is fairly popular, buying in large volumes. For example, a package in the supermarket are rarely worth more than one or two rubles, but given that the wholesale price does not exceed 20 cents, it turns out that the margin amounts to thousands of percent. The main thing – to provide the necessary demand.
Keep in mind that certain types of activities subject to mandatory licensing. In addition, you may need certificates for a particular product.

Looking for the best options

In General, if there is sufficient consumer interest, you can find a lot of "compromise" categories of goods, the cost of which is five to ten times lower than the purchase price, and thus do not need to sell several thousand units to provide an acceptable income. In this respect, the ideal consumers are the children. Even a small outlet near the circus or an amusement Park can bring huge profit. You can sell cheap Chinese toys, cotton candy or popcorn. For example, the cost of a medium Cup of popcorn 4-5 rubles (3 rubles is, in fact, a paper Cup) and sale price – about 50 rubles.