Register your private company and stand on the account tax inspection. Can't do it themselves, paying a specialized firm. The cost will be inexpensive and you will save a lot of time.
Soberly assess their financial capabilities. To open a stall will be required from five hundred up to two hundred thousand roubles. That's not counting various costs. Is this amount? Feel free to move to the next item.
Purchase a stall. You can order new or rent existing stall. Each option has its pros and cons.
Find the right place. The main thing - that was crowded, although in some cases can approach the courts - people often buy products near the house. Quite a big fee for the lease of space at stops, metro stations and underpasses. Note that the third and fourth paragraphs are interrelated, as the place can be rented from a stall. And remember that if starting from scratch, you may want to find a place.
Apply for the necessary permits. A rather important point in your work.
Purchase the necessary equipment. Need a fridge, chair, shelves, heater in winter, and other accessories according your personal taste.
Hire the right staff. It will be enough to have two sellers. But if you want more efficiency and productivity, then of course hire more people and increase working hours.
Purchase product to showcase have been filled. Then the buyer will not keep itself waiting long.The payback time of a stall is two to six months. Best of all, the opening date to assign to the beginning of the summer, then you will be in the black very quickly. It remains to wish you good luck in this case.