Goods can be sold very different, and it is possible to specialize in any one product, for example, colors. It is necessary to determine at an early stage - the planning stage. First of all, analyze the area which is leased under the lease in your city in the format of the kiosks and stalls. Looking for the cheapest deals in order to minimize their costs for rental. Once you will find the most optimal option with minimum stalls nearby, proceed to the selection of trade industry.
Analyze nearby shops, stalls and kiosks. Find out what they sold and what kinds of goods from the consumer basket to get within five hundred meters from your stall. Your goal is to select the group of products for which the buyer is guaranteed to come to you and open a stall on this basis.
Work out the schemes of delivery and storage of goods. Calculate staff salaries. Make a full-fledged business plan, to clearly see how much money you'll need in order to open and for what period of time your stall will be repaid. Consider raising additional financing in the form of loans, credits, and capital partners.
After opening the stall, make sure that it hung bright large shield with the inscription "We are open!". This is the cheapest advertising that you can afford for the first time. Regardless of what you sell, it is guaranteed you will attract customers.