You will need
  • - Certificate of registration required approvals;
  • - "Box" kiosk (rented or own);
  • Set of the trading equipment (including those registered in the tax on cash register);
  • - Information on suppliers of vegetables, the most complete information about the market in your area;
  • - One or more replacement distributors, running on the system "salary + a percentage of sales".
Start with the settling routine questions – register as a sole proprietorship, register with the local tax on the cash register. Then get "good" in the licensing agencies – the CPS, Fire and Trade inspections. Awaiting issuance of all necessary documents will have a few months.
Equip rented by you (or are you owned) "box" kiosk. To do this, purchase a set of commercial equipment necessary for the retail trade of vegetables in the stalls generally use refrigeration showcase and special slides for product placement. Not do without weights and freezers for the storage of purchased batches of vegetables.
Think about how you will build to work with suppliers, begin to learn the vegetable market in the region. Just look for the most advantageous conditions of purchasing wholesale lots of products, work with several interchangeable suppliers. Build the range of your outlets, try to include at least 50 items.
Find one or several plug-in vendors that will work in your stall. Requirements are the same as employees of any other outlets – goodwill towards the customers and honesty towards you. The success of retail points of sale of vegetables largely depends on the nature and behavior of the implementer.