You will need
  • Pavilion;
  • Electric power;
  • -Technical and technological plans;
  • -Resolution instances;
  • Equipment;
  • -The staff;
  • -Product.
Select a product that will sell through the shopping pavilion. Most often in this format of trade in food products of daily demand. If you decide to stay on them, contact commercial Department in your area – it allowed this production to be realized in such structures. After receiving a positive answer, proceed with the development of technical and technological plans. Remember that you need certain electrical power that will be even more important if you are going to sell perishable or frozen products. In addition to refrigerated cases, exhibited in the sales area, provide a multi-temperature chamber, located in the backrooms.
Consider interior design. After appear clarity on the installation of utilities can begin to design a trading floor. Again make allowances for the format: the view that a pavilion can be left "as is" - wrong. Design is one element of the promotion. It needs to be combined with the name of your point, and its specialization. For example, if you are going to sell sausages, appropriate design of the pavilion in warm colours. For outlets selling meat in the design can introduce unobtrusive decorative elements in farmhouse style. The pavilion, involving as the main group of goods baked goods – can be decorated with wicker, for example, baskets or boxes etc.
Obtain permission of regulatory authorities – Rospotrebnadzor and fire inspections. Also compulsory purchase and register the cash register. Recently this technique increasingly is in every Department. This is convenient, but in some cases technically impossible. The fact that according to the rules of trade, one and the same person should not take the money and weigh unpackaged goods. You can, of course, when weighing the use of gloves. But some sellers ignore this rule, in the end, violating sanitary requirements.
Employ the staff. Only you can decide that employees having experience in the trade, or beginners, which will teach on the spot. In fact, and in another case has its pros and cons. When you interview, be sure to ask why the applicants left the last job. And then take the time to call back and hear "version" of former employers. Trade is one of the industries in which quite a lot of unreliable staff.
Locate suppliers and order merchandise. Try to work according to the method, when a single product you have two paths, where it can be purchased. This is especially true of imported goods, which even now, when it seems that the supply issue is successfully solved, sometimes there are interruptions.