Kiosk - installable pre-assembled structure with a total area of not more than 10 square meters, equipped with commercial equipment without a trade hall calculated on one workplace of the seller, combined with the area in which such goods are stored. The success of trading through a kiosk location kiosk. Great place for kiosks and stop ground transport and underground, near the universities, offices. Accordingly, before you lease a kiosk, you need to decide what you are going to sell and find a kiosk located profitable. For example, close to the University it is best to put the kiosk and coffee and cakes, close to the metro with flowers, cigarettes, etc.
Once you decide on the kiosk, you will need to contact the landlord and ask him for the documents on the kiosk. It is worth remembering that some of the booths relates to immovable property. According to law, the property should be considered to be the objects strongly connected with the earth. Real estate should be registered with Rosreestr. Should ensure that the landlord has registered the kiosk properly.
In any case, the landlord should ask the following documents:- land documents under the kiosk (land lease agreement, etc.);
- the contract of sale kiosk , if the kiosk is real property, the contract should contain a mark about registration in Rosreestra);
- certificate of registration at the kiosk (if it is real property).
If after analyzing the documents, you decide that the kiosk is designed properly, then you need to enter into a lease. The lease contract must be concluded in written form. Its essential terms (i.e., those without whom it would simply not be considered prisoners) are the subject of the contract (the kiosk) and rent (only if kiosk is real property). However, the amount of rent is better to determine the contract in any case. The lease of the kiosk, which is immovable property, for a period of more than a year will need to register in bodies of rosreestra.