Learn whether between you, this is mutual sympathy or not, on several grounds. They are so individual, that absolute certainty in one case may be a delusion in another. One of these signs may be a sign difficult to understand and decipher the look. Eyes often give us a head, when everything else we submit to his will. Watch and see how he looks at you and try to read that look. But be careful: suddenly he looks at you just because you're all the time looking at him?
Next sign - his attitude towards you. Here you need to come from how you are already close. I agree, it's one thing if you just learn in one class, the other if friends for many years, but without a hint of romantic feeling. Attention will manifest itself by a close friend and just a good friend different. Different attention shown by the people with different temperament. For example, the melancholic will be a long time to sit looking at you in the eye and secretly writing you a poem, but never thought to open the door on you. Conversely, some cheerful, active young man, a sort of "regular guy", maybe not to you experiencing deep feelings, take care of you and sweep away dust particles off your shoulders - so, "for fun"
Attention and sympathy for many boys, especially those that are still almost children, can manifest itself in a somewhat distorted way, probably familiar to you. Tripping, pushing, slapping, pinching, and sometimes even the framing and the placing of an object of adoration to ridicule - this, unfortunately, happens. You think he hates you, and he by all available means trying to attract your attention. Apparently, you in his eyes - an impregnable fortress, and he still does not understand that with the castle being a woman, you need to apply more careful than with a fragile crystal vase.
Sincere feelings and sincere affection in a more reasonable age begin to manifest differently. Let us look more closely how he treats you, even seeing some of your weaknesses: if he writes you still is ringing, if calling to walk outside. If he sees faults in you, but do not turn away from you, then you have every reason to think that you have it and actually like. Besides, if he listens to your words, when you hinted it to some of his misdeeds, and trying to improve, you can be doubly sure.
Think with a cool head. This, of course, difficult, but sometimes you need to be able to control myself. If you like the person, you can find (or invent) a whole bunch of grounds on which you say that he's crazy about you. Every look, every word you'll understand the way that wants your loving soul. Think with your head, because the head can save your soul: if a person you care about, and you'll psych yourself out and convince yourself that the opposite is true, find the truth for you it will be much harder. Maybe you will suffer trying to get rid of this unrequited love.