Consider how much time you spend together. The joint meetings should include not only communication alone, but also seemingly random intersection on the street, at a party, public places. A guy who likes a girl will do its utmost to seek a meeting with her, almost to pursue the object of his adoration (all depends on the degree of persistence of the boyfriend).
An interested guy gives his excitement. Loss of control of your movements, constant embarrassment and the emotion definitely shows that the guy is not just interested, but eager to continue talking to you. He may constantly fix their hair, straighten clothes, twiddling something in his hands, etc. the Guy is red, then pale, then suddenly starts to stutter, talking with a girl.
He seeks to establish with the girl tactile contact. Love the guy uses every opportunity to touch the hand, hair or girl's face – he looks like a non-existent speck of dust, straightens curls, casually touches his girlfriend's hand. Passing something, he must barely stroke her fingers or gently squeeze his hand.
The boy always catches her eye. He can look the girl straight in the eye for a long time or not, but always his gaze is fixed on her face, eyes, lips. Such views are called close – he seems to be studying the interviewee, eyeing and trying to give her to understand that experiencing joyful emotions.
Rate how the guy responds to your request. He may fall, day and night, to leave or to decline an important meeting and have to hightail it to a friend who asks for help or seeking a meeting with him. Any request or hint becomes a goal – the guy is committed to do everything in the best possible way, showing care and attention.
The guy is ready to spend hours listening to the chatter of the girls. Usually men don't really like talkative ladies, but if their hobby seriously, everything she says matters. The fan even has a little strain trying to understand what she has in mind – not all men are able to withstand long female speech. Loving a guy is able to not only listen but give good advice, because he really cherishes these relationships.