Assess how often the boy's eyes are aimed in your direction. Catching your counter glance, he hastily looks away to the side and starts to hesitate? This is a clear indication that it distinguishes you from the crowd of other girls. But don't do hasty conclusions. Perhaps he stares too long at you just because you're all the time looking at him. Maybe you have a trace of ballpoint pen.
Watch and see how often you encounter the object of your sympathy. Lover boy will look for the opportunity to meet with you as often as possible. In class, he will sit to be able to see you. In gym class I will try to get in the same team. If you learn in different classes, but are constantly confronted in the corridors during recess – he's doing it on purpose. If you go together, although he lives a completely different side, so he's looking for an excuse just to take you home.
Analyze his behavior. It is sad, but most boys just don't know how to Express my feelings in words. Push, trip, throw snowballs for them an easier way to attract attention. Some of the boys even in high school, can behave. Important not to confuse these tokens with the usual aggressiveness. The realization that reciprocity from women are much easier to make compliments and gifts than pushing and insulting teasing, comes to the men later. And some don't come at all.
Pay attention to how the boy behaves when not around his friends. It helps you to carry the backpack and enthusiastically talks on different topics, when you are alone. And in the presence of friends laughing at you or just passes by without even looking in your direction. That means he really likes you but he's afraid to drop your credibility in the eyes of friends. Afraid of being deemed uncool because of the fact that he was running for the girl.
Take your first step towards. Maybe in his eyes you look unapproachable Princess and he is afraid of failure. Ask him to help with homework, throw the phone any ringtone or together to rehearse a play for the Christmas show. On how he will react to your request, you can understand whether it is sympathy. If you are happy to accept – really wants to chat and get to know you better. If excuses or agrees with reluctance – you for it does not stand out compared to other girls.