He tries to be closer to you
You can easily see it. For example, he tries to sit closer to you, trying to hold your hand. Body language is not fooled, so watch the behavior of the guy and know what he's experiencing.
Sultry eyes
We have all heard the phrase "the eyes are the mirror of the soul". And it's true. Love the guy's gonna look at you as often as possible, he admires you, admires. His eyes will glow if he is in love.
He listens to you
If the guy does not speak only about myself, but with genuine interest listens to you, you'd probably like him.
He looks to you melodrama
Movie love movie guy, not drag, and here he offers you to go on a beautiful movie about love. If so, then the guy feels for you sympathy.
He feels the excitement.
If you really like the guy, he'll be worried around you. It will have goose bumps, rapid heart rate and palpitations, sweaty palms. Usually guys can control their emotions, but if beside you it is not quite possible, then he likes you.
It is Frank
By nature men are more secretive than girls. However, if you liked the young man, he will have to trust you, he'll open up to you all.