Signs that a guy is interesting

When you are near the young man, appears unusual for you shyness. You are afraid to say superfluous word, not to look silly in his eyes. Thoughts are confused, and difficult to focus on what is happening.

The themes themselves move on to a discussion of the object of love. You with admiration tell about his jokes and antics. Trying to find friends opinion of him and his friends to elicit information about it. It can sometimes manifest itself unconsciously, and you not notice for a such signs. Ask a close friend, not too often glimpsed in your conversations to his name.

You carefully listen to his stories. With interest learn his preferences, favorite movies, games, music or books. Then studying, trying in this way to understand it better. Trying to find common interests and topics to start a conversation and get a little closer to him.

At night you dream of romantic dreams with his participation. Sometimes the subconscious mind understands feelings much quicker of mind and suggests a solution through dreams. But sometimes it can be caused by your thoughts on like the guy or not. So you try on him the role of the beloved and to assess their reaction to it.

Signs that a guy likes

However, there is a small line between "just cute" and "really like." All of the above symptoms show that you are interested in the young man, but does not show love. But if, in addition to them, you notice for themselves and the following symptoms, feelings are definitely there.

All his jokes seem to be funny even if you laugh at them alone. Each story captivates you, are you ready to listen to him all day. Try to chose your meetings to "accidentally" meet and look at it once a minute.

If he touches you, even by accident, the heart begins to beat faster. You may feel dizzy and cheeks appear to glow from excitement.

Your gaze keeps returning to the object of love. Even if he is behind you, you will try to find a reason to look around and discreetly throw at him. But if you meet eyes, excitedly averting your gaze to the side.

If you still doubt my feelings for you, add a little imagination. Imagine that he kisses you. Do you feel disgust? Or this idea seems nice exciting and desirable? But if instead of a kiss to imagine the bed scene? Find answers to these questions, and then you will be able to understand their feelings.