The first thing you should pay attention to is body language. The young man who is into you will not behave like other girls. He will try not to turn my back on you. His shoulders and body will be sent to you. If you have a noticeable difference in growth, then the guy will try to tilt the head when you talk to him.

Pay attention to the eyes. They help you know that guy likes you. He will either immediately look away when you look at him, or it will literally eat you with his eyes.

If you're interested in the guy, he will try to find a reason for body contact. Accidentally put the hand on the palm of your hand, touch the knees, arms from-for any trifle – all signals his sympathy for you.

The guy, if he likes you, will be interested in the same belongings you do. Sometimes his interests do coincide with yours, however, as a rule, young people consciously change their tastes to impress a girl.

Pay attention to his friends and acquaintances. Usually, guys tell each other about their likes. If he likes you, then maybe his friends will try to know your attitude to him.

Do not forget about compliments. If you liked the guy, he will try to say nice words at every occasion. However, in everyday life the majority of young people do not tend to.