If a man tells you that somewhere you have already seen, it is a good sign. People often think that they already saw somewhere the person who they liked. So if you say that somewhere you have seen, or that you like someone, then your chances of reciprocal affection are really great.
To understand whether you made the impression of his views. Both men and women most look at the object of your sympathy, so if the person looks at you more often than the other interlocutors, this is another sign that he likes you. At the same time to observe the object of your sympathy, you need to carefully, because sometimes people, especially young ones, are shy to show their feelings and try not to look at someone they liked. However, the corner of my eye they still follow the object of your sympathy. It is easy to see, if you look closely.
Another good way to learn the feelings of your object of sympathy is the reading of sign language. These gestures very much. For example, if you are in a large company, make sure towards whom directed his feet – this will be the person who was very interested in. He can talk to one companion, while his feet will show who he really thinks.
If the person repeats your gestures, or your words, figures of speech, it is also a sign of affection and attention to you.
Also a sign that you like, is the human desire to touch you. If in conversation he tries to be closer to you, touching your hand to attract your attention, it also is another sign of affection.