The behavior of the men in front of women and his reaction to the statements of ladies to signal about how much he liked his companion. A man tries to be different, to stand out from the crowd, especially when around it is rivals. Sometimes this desire is reflected in his gait. Passing by his favourite ladies, the man instinctively tries to straighten your shoulders and straighten up.
In a large company, the man will try to be in the centre of attention, to attract the object of sympathy for his person. But not all men know how to do this, among men, many shy people. To understand, sympathize with, whether such person is a woman, according to his views. Watching the reaction to any ladies, he would often throw at her unexpected views.
The voice is able to give the man head. He trembles if a person is anxious, increases when a person is angry, but if a man talks to a woman he likes, his voice becoming soft and low.
Some gestures are also signs of sympathy. For example, quite often men, talking with the ladies, correct tie, pulls collar or smooth a hair. All this speaks in favor of the man like a lady, and he tries instinctively to put himself in the proper form.
The smile is not always possible to determine how one person relates to another, but to confuse a sincere smile, expressing sympathy, it is hardly possible with any other smile. If a man likes a woman, he will try to smile in reply. However, he will catch her gaze, trying all kind show their interest.
In the sight of men openly displaying sympathy for the woman, always show interest and respect for their counterparts. His eyes are wide open, the look expresses a real sympathy, not hostility, on the contrary, only kindness and a desire to learn attitude.
If you are not able to understand from the first meeting whether you liked the man, observe his future behavior. If he will look for a reason to meet with you again, this is a good sign.