Young people do not know how to hide their feelings. Only the girl herself can pointedly ignore his attentions, at a time when your inner circle everything becomes clear. If the guy is close to his favourite girl, he tries everything for her to help. If the office line to the coffee machine, he ignores the girl ahead of him, helps pour the coffee, and still can take the initiative to bring a hot drink up to her Desk. Or at the party he invites you to slow dance exclusively with one girl, trying to take a seat at the table next to her, always carefully listens to her and, if included in the conversation, only to find out your dream a little more information.
If you only met the young man, then in his expression to hint of sympathy for you. So young people can blush, start smiling and very confident guys just nuke the look of his victim. This girl should not be lost, to say: "I am not a picture of me to consider and to expect that he will answer you. Someone just say a lot of compliments, others will take a look, but nevertheless will not lose sight of you. And if the young man will say something neutral and you will see that he has lost interest in you, then perhaps you are interesting to him merely as a new friend and nothing more.
Probably many of you know that if the boys at school untie the braids, hit the portfolio head and everything, trying to hurt you, it means that you care about. This behavior is projected into adulthood. For example, if you're at a party with friends, have noticed that your face is more of all jokes by one cocky guy, therefore, you need to pay attention to it. His behavior, he tries to get acquainted with you, learn how you can get out of any given situation, evaluating whether you are worthy to become in future his lover or not.
How many young people, so many different "bells and whistles" with which they try to draw attention to himself. It all depends on the guy's character — some immediately rush to look for the girl, and the other first long look, though at heart like you!