You will need
  • Epaulets, buttons, needle, thread
So you have fitted the straps and shirt. Consider the shirt. On the shoulders there are special loops for fastening the shoulder straps. There are also several loops designed for attaching buttons. You will need a small button that you can fasten to these loops.
Take up the shoulder straps. In pursuit of a shaped button that you want to pin to it. Take this button imposed on top of the shoulder straps. Take a small button, layer it from the bottom of the ring. Now sew shaped shoulder straps button through a small button to secure the.
Try to undo and fasten a small button to the ring. If necessary, expand the loop at the bottom thick strip of cloth from overhead. The shoulder straps can be attached to the clasp. Well.
Now take a shirt, take up the shoulder straps. Put the bottom strip of thick fabric overhead in choice shirt at the shoulders and tacked the shoulder straps to the shirt. A small button will be inside the shirt on the shoulder. Now the second buckle shoulder straps, ironed shirt and out!