Take a piece of white fabric and adjust the size of the collar. Just put the fabric on the collar and fold the excess edges of the fabric.
Now fold the fabric several times to get a neat white strip of a width equal to the width of the collar. View that not sticking frayed edges. Here is the undercollar and ready. Go over it two or three times with a hot iron.
You can not prepare povorotniki themselves, but to buy them in the shop of workwear. In any case, it should be thick white cloth, folded in half.
Well fix the collar of his tunic. Place the undercollar so that he spoke out on the value of a match head.
Start to sew from the upper left corner. Knot the thread, hide the inside seam.
The course threads and stitches also need to be hidden under the collar. To do this, the needle on the front side comes right back where you left. Place the sutures for 2.5-3cm. don't need much to pull, and the collar will go the hill. Remember that when you pierce each stitch collar twice. Not in a hurry.
After each stitch undercollar grab the edge and pull. So you take the waves. So do the 12 stitches on the top and 6 stitches on the bottom. 2 stitch around the edges.
When you sew around the edges, pierce the collar only once. Povorotniki can be washed and reused.