Pick a thread color matching the fabric of his jacket. Carefully deal with the place of attachment of stripes and chevrons, as they have a different shape and size and designed to be placed in certain places. To determine the exact location of the insignia there are special regulations.
Sew stripes, which indicate the belonging to different services or units on the right sleeve and on the center of the pocket. Such an arrangement of stripes provided for both summer and winter forms. In other cases, the chevrons are located 8 inches from the top stripe to shoulder seam.
Attach the Chevron (for example, "Russian interior Ministry") on the left sleeve shape, respecting the distance of 8 inches from shoulder seam to top of stripe.
Place the rectangular stripe that indicates the course in which enrolled student, on the left sleeve, at a distance of 20 centimeters from the shoulder seam to the top edge of the stripe.
Measure the desired distance from the shoulder seam and pin to pin the top edge of the Chevron. Straighten your jacket and attach a patch so that it is positioned on the sleeve vertically. Pin pin the bottom edge of the Chevron. Sew small stitches seam inside the patch according to the contour, giving it a snug fit to the jacket.
Put on the outfit and carefully inspect the location of the sewn Chevron and the quality of his accession.
Fight back patch and do the work again, if the fabric puckers or is not complied with strictly vertical position of the Chevron on the sleeve.
Get a special Velcro that you can sew to the jacket and chevrons. This eliminates the need to constantly attend to the complex and tedious sewing of the patches after washing the uniforms.