You will need
  • star
  • awl,
  • normal range,
  • shoulder straps
So, try to locate stars for all rules:

Needed only the "right" of the star, i.e. faceted (Russian sample). On the field form are attached dull-gray stars on other types of forms (ceremonial, casual, etc.) stars are Golden brown.
With a ruler measure from the bottom of the shoulder strap 45 mm for Junior lieutenants, 25 mm for lieutenants, 20 mm for senior lieutenants and captains – there will be a center of the first sprocket.
Carefully pierce a hole with an awl, insert and fasten the star (screw or lock with a special "paws"). You should pay attention to the strength of attachment: the sprocket should not wobble.
In the same way, place on officers ' epaulettes another star, given the fact that between the centers of adjacent stars should also be 25 mm. the Upper sprocket at the senior lieutenants and captains are fixed at a distance of 20 mm from the line connecting the centers of the lower stars.
Repeat all the above steps with the second ring.