You will need
  • button;
  • - the product;
  • - needle;
  • - thread to match the fabric;
  • - a piece of chalk.
Pick the suitable buttons. They come in different sizes. For a coat or jacket of thick fabric suitable large. For air blouses or summer dresses, choose the smallest. Separate the upper part from the lower.
Mark where you will sew the top of the key. You should start it with her to the fabric place bristled. As a rule, even on fine jewelry clasp is double-layered. Secure the thread with a knot or several small stitches where you want the center. Sew the button seam "over the edge", making a few stitches in each hole before moving to the next. The thread in the transition can be carried out under the button.
Spread chalk ledge of the upper half. Try on the outfit and press the button in the position where there should be clasp the finished product. Sew the bottom half of the button, putting it on the chalk mark.
The upper halves of some of the decorative buttons are attached with a special mechanism, and in this case it is better to go to the nearest workshop for repairs. The bottom half is either inserted in the same way, or stitched in the usual way. The plastic buttons can attach themselves. Punch or cut a hole in the right place. For the top half. Insert it and zaplovite the edges with a lighter, soldering iron or apparatus for burning. The location for the lower halves of the schedule is exactly the same as for the sewn buttons. Make on the spot mark the hole, insert the button and also zaplovite region.