Prepare blind stitch the material and iron it with the iron. Then iron the collar of his jacket. Take strong white thread with a length of about 100 cm and manually start to sew the undercollar to the collar on the reverse side so that the stitches and move the threads were not visible from the front side.
In the sewing of the undercollar you can help manual flat seam, invisible from the outside. Stick the needle into the fabric a couple of millimeters from the place where you just left the thread. Make 12 stitches from the top, so that the length of each stitch was 2-3 cm and then 6 stitches on the bottom. Top and front undercollar needs to be a millimeter.
You can sew povorotniki alone, and when this is not possible, you can buy ready-hemmed povorotniki in stores the corresponding orientation.
In military schools all the students planning and teaching the procedure of sewing the undercollar, and with good skill you have will be spent on suturing no more than an hour.
All the rules of the undercollar should be clean, white and neatly sewn. Therefore, despite the fact that the old povorotniki can be washed and reused, it is recommended to always sew fresh white povorotniki.
It is also recommended to use as material for povorotnikov thick white fabric I bought for this specially, folded in half. The material is folded in half, has high strength.