The symbols on the uniform of employees of the army and Navy are the same. The only difference in the titles. Still have ground units there are two kinds of uniform - casual and field. On the shoulder straps of the camouflage and no letters of VS (armed forces), there are only stars and stripes. The sailors such there is no difference. On all shoulder straps, except for the senior and Supreme command staff, there is the letter f (fleet).
If you are a soldier of the Russian army, your shoulder straps are simple. Lychak and stars on them, only symbols of the sun. In the Navy this rank corresponds to a sailor with a letter f on the shoulder straps.
Corporal is the next rank. In the Navy - seaman. One on their uniform insignias.
Junior Sergeant (in the Navy petty officer second article) and senior Sergeant (petty officer first class) on two shoulder straps and three stripes respectively.
Sergeant (chief petty officer) has a wide insignias, and Sergeant (petty officer) - two - broad and narrow.
From the ensign (warrant officer) and senior warrant officer (senior warrant officer), on the shoulder straps, you can already see little stars. They are two and three respectively. They are located one behind the other parallel to the long edge of the ring.
On the shoulder straps of all Junior officers have stars. From a simple military employees, they, in addition, distinguished by a red stripe separating the epaulette. In a second Lieutenant one star in the center of the ring. Lieutenant - two attached across epaulettes, Lieutenant - three stars pinned triangle. Captain's epaulet has four stars. Sea land titles are identical. Besides the captain, there he is a Lieutenant commander.
The shoulder straps of officers - with large star and two longitudinal red stripes. The major in the center of the ring one star. Lieutenant Colonel - two stars pinned across the epaulet. The Colonel has three arranged in a triangle. In the Navy these positions correspond to the rank of captain of the third, second and first grades.
Epaulettes senior officers can be distinguished by the biggest stars and absence of red stripes. On the shoulder straps of major General (rear Admiral) - one large star in the center. From Lieutenant General (Vice Admiral) - two stars pinned parallel to the long edge of the epaulet. Colonel-General (Admiral) has three stars going after each other. The General of the army (Admiral of the fleet) epaulets decorated with four large stars arranged one after another in a straight line.