A swab is taken from the mandatory use of sterile disposable mirror and other medical tools required for the manipulation. In the diagnostic centre or clinical diagnostic laboratory performed a detailed cytological examination and analysis of the microbial flora of the vagina and the reproductive tract of women. The presence of inflammatory process (acute or chronic) is additionally a microscopic examination of cells and cellular elements.
Lactobacillus or beneficial microorganisms in the vagina of healthy women protect against pathogenic and pathogenic microorganisms and prevent the development of inflammatory process. Before the procedure of a fence of a smear and obtain reliable analysisbut you must fulfill the following conditions: for 7 days before analysisand canceled all antibacterial and sulfa drugs; stop the introduction of 1-2 days treatment vaginal plugs and conducting various douching.
Typically, obstetrician-gynecologist to conduct the study taken from the genital tract three of the swabsfrom the cervical canal, the walls of the vagina with the urethral mucosa. Taking each smear is performed using disposable sterile spatulas. The material is transferred with a spatula on a sterile glass slide, placed in a container and sent for investigation to the diagnostic center. At the same time the material is placed on nutrient medium. When bacterial growth is the formation of specific colonies, and at the same time is determined by the sensitivity test of pathogenic bacteria to antibiotics.
The results of laboratory studies gynecologist receives a report on the composition of the microflora of the vagina, on the state of epithelial cells, the number of pathogenic microorganisms. The increase in the number of white blood cells indicates the presence of acute inflammatory process.