Refer to the gynecologist and check stroke, medically it is called "microscopic examination native smear". It is a simple procedure, the doctor will simply collect the mucus from the walls of the vagina with a small spatula and send for verification to the lab. In the public antenatal clinics, this analysis is free, in private clinics it will have to pay.
Check out the results of the study. A smear may show the presence of a Gardnerella, fungi type Candida, cocci, trichomonads, in addition, it determines the number of white blood cells. If the letterhead is written: "detected threads yeasts pseudomycelium and blastospores" diagnose "candidosis".
To obtain a more reliable result give another analysis — bacteriological crop flora of the vagina. It can show not only the existence of candidiasis but also to identify other diseases, such as dysbacteriosis (bacterial vaginosis), gonorrhea, trichomoniasis. Given that the symptoms of these infections may be similar (discharge, itching), only the correct diagnosis will help to select effective treatment regimen.
Please note that today's popular technique of PCR or another DNA-a method that is not intended to diagnose candidiasis. With it, you can learn about the presence of the fungus Candida, but the information about their number and viability will remain under question. That is, for example, if after treatment will be discovered dead elements of the fungi candidiasis is actually there, but the result will be positive.
Another analysis, which will help correct diagnosis and to appoint effective treatment is a special crop on the fungi of the genus Candida, they only make it in modern laboratories. With its help determine the kind of fungi, for example, to widespread Candida Albicans can join Candida glabrata, Candida krusei, Candida tropicalis, often complicating treatment. In addition, the analysis helps to choose the most effective antibiotic therapy given strain of fungi.
If you passed all the tests, but the results were negative, so the symptoms indicate the presence of other diseases. For example, gray-white discharge often appear when dysbacteriosis of the vagina and itching — when herpes. Burning in the intimate area, redness of the genitals, discharge accompanied by an unpleasant odor, pain in the abdomen and discomfort during sex — all this signs of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).