Advice 1: How to prepare for IVF

EKO is a very popular procedure for treatment of virtually all forms of infertility. The principle of IVF is that an egg of the patient (the expectant mother) are fertilized with the man's sperm (the future Pope) by artificial means, i.e. in a test tube and then the fertilized egg is transplanted into the uterus of a woman. The procedure of IVF, as for pregnancy, be well prepared.
EKO is a great way of dealing with infertility.
First and foremost, expectant parents should prepare the necessary for carrying out ECO documentation: passports of the future mom and dad, marriage certificate in case if the relationship was officially.
The woman in front of EKO must provide a blood on RW, AIDS, hepatitis b and C. But also prepare a medical document stating blood group and RH factor of the mother.
In preparation for IVF a woman needs to take a smear from the genital tract flora and a variety of infections, sexually transmitted infections, such as Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, chlamydia, herpes, candidiasis, cytomegalovirus.
Results hormonal studies (FSH, prolactin, LH and testosterone) are also included in the list of tests needed in preparation for IVF.
In addition to the woman before IVF should be required to do an ECG (electrocardiogram).
Need expectant mother in preparation for IVF and medical report on the condition of the fallopian tubes, for example, ultrasound of internal genital organs.
Also women planning to become a mother using IVFshould prepare the conclusion of the therapist about the absence of contraindications to child bearing.
Require experts of ECO and the schedule of basal temperature women over the last 2-3 months.
If a woman has previously undergone the procedure , IVF or treated for infertility at the clinic, she should be granted discharge from medical institutions in which it serves.
A few months before the planned IVF both spouses should give up Smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day to a minimum. It is scientifically proven that the harmful substances contained in cigarette smoke, bad influence both on the egg and the male sperm.
Receiving no prescribed medications and various food additives during the preparation for IVF also should be stopped.
Of course, the alcohol is in preparation for IVF to be forgotten.
Overweight expectant mother may also affect the results of IVF.
Six months before the planned IVF procedure the woman is recommended to start a daily intake of folic acid (for 400мкг a day) to prevent neural tube defects of the fetus.
The expectant mother in preparation for IVF , you should check her immunity to rubella. If not immune, women should take the necessary vaccinations to avoid getting sick with rubella during pregnancy. In children, whose mothers during pregnancy ill with this disease often have problems with hearing and mental development.
Specialist , IVF, in preparation for this popular procedure, we refer to all chronic diseases.
In preparation for IVF both future parents should be healthy, less likely to drink strong coffee.
And, of course, to the ECO need to prepare mentally and a future mom and future dad. Because maybe, after a few months they will become parents of the most adorable baby in the world. But you have to be ready for the fact that their first procedure for IVF may be unsuccessful.

Advice 2 : How to prepare yourself for IVF

For some couples program IVF is the only chance to become parents. The specificity of it is that successful or unsuccessful outcome of the procedure largely depends on the condition of the body men and women planning IVF. So if you want to maximize the chance of success, before you start the program, you and your partner will need to plan it carefully.
How to prepare yourself for IVF
Prepare for program ECO as if you were preparing for pregnant naturally. Start to live a healthy lifestyle, eliminate from your life alcohol, cigarettes and drugs (Smoking affects sperm quality and lowers by 50-70% chance of successful outcome of the procedure, IVF, drugs and alcohol increase the risk of defects of the fetus). Properly and eat balanced, avoid emotional and physical overload. Stop taking medications only if they are assigned to your doctor. Women should normalize weight, because the excess or lack of weight can prevent the body to respond to drug stimulation.
Before joining ECO, you will need to pass various tests. Both partners will have to take blood tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis ( usually types B and C). Additionally, women will need to take a blood test for antibodies to rubella (to resolve the issue of immunization) and the analysis on hormones for optimal dosage of stimulant medication. Also women will need to take a swab from the vagina to assess the condition of the microflora. Men when preparing for IVF make the mandatory semen analysis.
If the results of the tests you have identified problems, they will need to be addressed. Identified infectious diseases (STIs), inflammation (vaginitis, colpitis) - to treat. Upon detection of a deficiency of iron and other elements make up the shortfall. Hormonal imbalances is to stabilize. In the presence of chronic disease is to achieve long-term remission. In other words, before entering the program need to bring your body back in order. This will improve your chances of effectiveness of the procedure of IVF and as a result, become happy parents.
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