When you need to pass tests

You should know that sexually transmitted diseases are numerous, and because their diagnosis is likely to cost a decent sum of money. Known for more than 20 infections that cause diseases that are transmitted sexually. It should say that STDs is exposed to people of different social strata, mainly young and middle-aged.

To complete a study on STDs was not necessarily preliminary to go to the doctor. You can directly go to pay the lab. In municipal polyclinic in any case, all the tests is no free will – can only take blood for HIV and syphilis. However, if diagnostics reveal some kind of disease, then a trip to the doctor is inevitable – only he can appoint a competent and effective treatment.

Tests for STDs is a set of studies with sufficient accuracy to identify the number and type of a virus. Detect the infection allows millions of diagnostic methods: PCR-diagnostics (quantitative and qualitative analysis), ELISA serology, bacteriological and immunological studies.

For the detection of sexually transmitted diseases, you take on the research environment of the body, such as blood for HIV infection, the contents of the urethra to detect the presence of Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia etc. Before the sampling of biological material from the urethra, it is recommended not to urinate for at least two hours, as this can distort the result of the study.

If you had sexual contact with a partner whose STD is revealed, you should immediately go to the dermatovenerologic dispensary according to place of residence. In this case, it is possible to carry out an effective drug prevention of STDs.

Important quality treatment

Remember, today all STDs, except for AIDS caused by HIV infection cured. However if you do not dolezite some of them, later with weakening of the immune system it can come back again and again.

You should be aware that testing for STIs should pass at least once a year, and both men and women, leading an active sex life and change partners. STD diagnosis becomes mandatory for couples planning the birth of a child.

Remember, early detection and proper treatment help to avoid the consequences that are brought about by these infections, for example, the constant inflammations of the sexual sphere in women, the occurrence of secondary infertility, increased risk of miscarriage in the background of any infections and so forth For men the unpleasant consequences of untreated infections may be prostatitis, and reduced potency. For the treatment of STIs used antibiotic and immunostimulating therapy.