How to prepare for the delivery of gynecological smear analysis

In order for the results of the analysis were valid, it is necessary to properly prepare for the examination. To do this observe the following simple rules:
1. Sexual contacts should be excluded for two days before the collection of material for analysis;
2. You should also exclude vaginal douching;
3. When conducting a toilet of the external genitalia do not use personal hygiene, to wash only with warm water;
4. It is advisable not to empty your bladder for two to three hours before sampling for analysis.

When executing the above rules we can expect that the results of the smear test will be correct and not mislead the attending physician and the patient.

Regulations on the content of leucocytes in a smear

In the analysis of gynecological smears takes into account several parameters. One of the most important ones are the leukocytes. This so-called, white blood cells, which are responsible for immune response in infectious diseases.

Normal, healthy women in the smear there are only isolated leukocytes. Their maximum permissible value not more than 15 in the field of view. But there is still a dependence on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Before menstruation, the rate of norm increased to 20 white blood cells. The same dependence is observed during pregnancy. A pregnant woman also the norm of 15 to 20 white blood cells in field of view.

Norm also depends on what body was to take a swab for analysis. At this rate of up to 15 leukocytes is preserved only for the cervix. For the vagina should not exceed 10 visible units, and for the urethra and even less - no more than 5.

A significant excess of white blood cells (up to several tens, or even hundreds, when the leucocytes cover the field of view) indicates the presence in a woman's body some of the disease.

It might be due to the excess of leukocytes in the smear?

With a significant excess of white blood cells can be caused by various infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. It could be vaginitis (inflammation of vagina and vulva), colpitis (inflammation of the walls of the vagina), cervicitis (inflammation of cervix), endometritis (inflammation of the lining of the uterus), urethritis (inflammation of the urethra, adnexitis ( inflammation of the uterine appendages). It can also indicate the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. Such as syphilis,gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, ureaplasmosis, etc. Or even for the presence of malignant tumors in genital organs.

but the excess of white blood cells can be without inflammatory process. This can be observed in the so-called dysbacteriosis of the vagina. This means the violation of the normal ratio of the microflora of the vagina. In other words, for some reason, there was the suppression of the growth of beneficial microorganisms, and the rapid growth of conditionally pathogenic microflora. Increase the level of leukocytes may be in the intestinal dysbiosis.

For a more precise diagnosis may need more research, after which it becomes possible to assign adequate treatment.