You will need
  • Sewing machine
Must be folded right sides of the dress and the lining, then sew the shoulder seams and back metal zipper. To the lining wasn't visible in the neck and arm openings should be cut 2-4 mm. Need to sew the lining at the zipper (but not too close) with the release of it for about 3 – 5 mm.
The next step is to strike the neck. Dress must be place in front of him, lining down. Seam for piecing together the zipper to bend to the inside and tight to pull on the zipper. In this case, the stopper zipper retreat 2 – 3 mm and stitching at neckline. During the sewing on the neckline of the dress material to leave on the one hand, and the lining and the seam strike. When sewing must be as close to the zipper. Need to iron the collar to align the shoulder seams and knit the armhole.
Dress to turn out through the back seam where the zipper. It should be noted that there are two ways to turn a dress with a lining: the first way is through the shoulders unsewn and the second neschastnyh at the side seams. But in this case the zipper you need to sew after will be processed at the arm openings and the neckline, or dress will not turn out. This uses the space between the lining and the dress. Then one seam to stitch the side seams first the lining, then the dress.